The Roaring Fork Valley – Colorado

Pristine. Elegant. Primeval. Exciting. Breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. All of these and more have been used to attempt to describe the Roaring Fork Valley, that area that encompasses Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. Some define these as world-class ski towns, and while that’s true, it’s also so much more! Some have focused on that the Valley is home to a literal who’s who of the artist community. Legends such as the late John Denver, Mariah Carey, John Summers, Kevin Kostner and many more have all made this unbelievably beautiful town their home. In a place where the median price of a home is just over 1.5 million dollars, such big names are to be expected, but the big point is WHY they live there when they could live anywhere in the world, and that is simply because there is no place else quite like it.

Like most ski towns in North America, these came of humble origins. Silver mines were behind their founding, but when the incentives to explore for silver went away, the men and women who’d come to love the land stayed on to create a far more precious treasure by cherishing the land they so loved. Though each has its own unique story, the details fade away into insignificance as the common tale emerges: There’s just something so pure and refreshing, so clean and alive about these mountains that you can’t imagine ever wanting to leave.

Today’s Roaring Fork Valley is far more cosmopolitan than those early settlers would ever have imagined. Who would have thought that a sweet hideaway nestled in the middle of the Rockies would one day become home to the Aspen Institute and have celebrated world leaders attending meetings there, or that such big stars would elect to live somewhere other than Hollywood? But Aspen has indeed become an international cultural center as well, without giving in one bit to the quint small-town “Aspenglow” feel that made the place so famous.

World-class museums and artisan’s galleries, legendary performers sharing their gifts on the Wheeler Opera House stage, The Aspen Music Festival and School, Historical Society, Center for Environmental Studies, all that and much more… and yes, some of the best skiing on the entire North American continent. All that and much more are found in this most unusual and exquisite of mountain paradises.

Whether you’re enjoying fishing, golfing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, canoing, hiking, rock climbing, cross country or downhill skiing, no matter what activity you’re engaged in, summer or winter, the Roaring Fork Valley is simply the best! You can experience a hot air balloon ride, go back into the mountains by 4×4 or horseback, see a riot of colors laying their tapestry over the mountains in the fall… Learn to make stained glass, or enjoy homemade beer from a local micro-brewery. Snowboard or improve your guitar playing, enjoy an avant-garde film or a luxury spa. Where else can you find so many things to do in such an incredibly postcard-perfect place? The Roaring Fork Valley truly is an indescribably rich treasure, and each of these and many more gems are there for the taking when you visit. Come for a week, or a lifetime. Just ask those who live there, or the vacationers who return year after year. In all the world, there is no finer place.

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